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Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile Medical Clinic

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What disease is a significant problem in the population of Guatemala?

The health situation is unequal, showing worse indicators in areas with a larger indigenous, rural and poor population. Maternal mortality is 2.2 times higher in the indigenous population than in the non-indigenous population. Chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years of age is 1.8 times higher in indigenous than in non-indigenous. Diabetes. Diabetes is a major problem within the Guatemalan population. As a growing public health problem, diabetes is a major threat to the indigenous population of Guatemala.

Top  health threats

Acute bronchitis (chest cold) Cough, runny nose. Common cold. Sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough. Ear infection. Ear pain, fever. Influenza (flu) … Sinusitis (infection of the paranasal sinuses) … skin infections … Throat pain. … Urinary infection.

Our Commitment?

In a world where healthcare continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating rate, we remain firmly committed to patients and their health. This tremendous responsibility is also a tremendous opportunity, not only to bring medicines and health solutions to those who need them, but to improve lives and make a lasting social impact. We are committed to doing our best to address the many challenges of making health care more accessible. We also know that how we act matters. This means that we are careful to maintain responsible, ethical and social business practices, and that we are committed to helping address the most important health challenges in our communities. Through these actions, we intend to achieve a social impact, mainly by increasing access to prevention and treatment for those who need it most.

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