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Recurring donation $50

We are raising funds for a mobile clinic that will help us to serve the most remote communities. The mobile clinic will have two examination rooms, a pharmacy, a triage station, and bathroom. Will you help us reach more than 12,000 patients per year?
$80000 Goal
Our established clinics serve forgotten communities.  We provide care to more 100 patients each month. Patients receive the services of doctors, nurses, translators, pharmacists, and free medication. For $15 per patient, your contribution will provide life-saving care.
$16800 Goal
With a donation of $75.00 we can provide a family with a clean water filter that lasts 10 years, removes 99.9% of bacteria, and generates the clean drinking water that is essential for health.
$10000 Goal
With a donation of $250.00, you can change the life of a family because they will receive a bunk bed and two mattresses to sleep well and have a better quality of life.
$12500 Goal
A donation of $45.00 supplies 42 meals that are desgined to provide balanced nutrition to a family of 4 for one week.  
$10350 Goal

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20 jan 2021


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20 jan 2021


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What People Are Saying

Our mission trip to Guatemala was a life changing journey for me. Before going to Guatemala and working with the group, I was honestly extremely nervous. I was nervous that I would end up doing something wrong or being that one person who’s going to drag the group

Patricia Chiu Volunteer

At first seeing the deep needs of the area and the people that live their was discouraging thinking how are brief time there could make a difference. For me a better life foundation guatemala and the experiences we had , brought warmth and fullness to my heart and has.

Leslie Tirado Phephard Volunteer

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You Have the Power Today to Change Tomorrow

Changing the world starts with you. Help us in our pursuit to support financially impoverished Guatemalan families with healthcare, education, and other essential supplies and services. Become a part of what we do by signing up to be a volunteer, or by simply donating to a great cause.


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Giving a Helping Hand to Those in Need

We want to improve the living conditions of the Guatemalan people in poverty by providing basic services and fundamental tools for development.

Become a volunteer by filling out our Volunteer Form. You can locate the volunteer form at the top of our website.

49% of the Guatemalan population lives below the poverty line, and without life essentials like access to food, clean water, healthcare, and shelter.  These people are in need of help, and we can provide it.

Help build a more equitable Guatemala.  Provide individuals and families with the resources they need for
their well being.  Encourage development of the most vulnerable communities with sustainable programs.

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